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Before you spend any money on a social media or full digital strategy, make sure you know what you actually need to do. Don't guess! This audit looks at your engagement, posting habits and audience behaviours compared with that of 2 competitors on up to 2 social profiles. This data is then translated into actionable recommendations that you can use in the development of a step-by-step media strategy. The beauty of this audit is that it almost always reveals a few things that you're doing really WELL in your current social media marketing. Once you know what works, you won't go ahead and change it just because someone told you that you need to change everything. In other words, starting with an audit saves you time and money!

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Once you select this package, I'll send you a secure form requesting your login details for Instagram and/or Facebook (if you don't have a business profile for Facebook, but only a page, you can add my personal profile as a page admin).